3 Reasons to Move Your Business to the Cloud

March 2017

Email used to be the only cloud application that businesses embraced. Now smart organizations are moving full speed ahead, putting all software and applications in the cloud.

The wait-and-see time for adopting cloud solutions is over. The cloud has proven itself as a secure, fast, and cost-effective way of distributing software and applications at the enterprise level.

Here are 3 reasons it's time for you to move your business to the cloud.

1. No more complicated, in-house infrastructure maintenance.

Maintaining your own network is time-consuming, complicated, and expensive. You need a skilled, always-on IT staff to service the appliances that host your applications and keep them up-to-date.

With a cloud solution, there's no need for an extensive in-house IT team to provision hardware and maintain physical servers. You get software that stays current with the latest patches and product enhancements. You also reduce the risk for network crashes or data breaches by relying on seasoned experts who constantly monitor performance.

2. Get fast and dynamic deployment capabilities.

While cloud implementations are much faster than traditional ones, it’s also faster to develop and deploy ongoing updates with cloud software. Your solution provider can offer best practices and templates for deployment which will provide consistency and predictability for your releases.

SAP’s Digitalist Magazine says, “The marketplace is increasingly unpredictable. Through cloud-based ERP solutions, business owners and stakeholders can respond to the dynamic needs of their clients more quickly, giving them the edge to outmaneuver the competition.”

3. You’ll save money.

With a cloud solution, you have access to IT expertise that’s cost prohibitive to employ in-house. The maintenance, monitoring, and technical capability you're able to leverage would be too expensive to recreate on your own.

You no longer need to maintain expensive physical equipment, and adding new applications or changing existing ones will no longer take months and years and costly resources to deploy. With a set and predictable monthly subscription fee, a cloud solution helps you lower your total cost of ownership.

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