SAP HANA – A Platform for your Digital Transformation

19 August 2017

Companies look for solutions that make digital transformations their top priority. Systems that adapt quickly to such technologies help your business grow achieving desired results. SAP HANA is one such platform of its kind that was the first data management platform to handle both transactions and analytics in-memory on a single data copy. You can manage large volumes of data efficiently to reduce total cost with a single secure environment.

You can develop innovative applications on SAP HANA that combine transactions and analytics and deliver engaging, personalized experiences over any device. The key features of this solution are as below :

  • Reimagine your database  - SAP HANA with its intuitive modeling tools, and pre-configured function libraries help you run complex business logic directly inside the database. You can perform administrative tasks such as backup and patch at once and optionally allocate resources separately to protect performance.
  • Accelerate analytics exponentially - SAP HANA includes native high-performance predictive algorithms and integration with Microsoft R Server to reveal meaningful patterns in data that help you create predictive models. Text search and text analysis extract meaning from semi-structured text and transform it into a data model for analysis.
  • Create and manage innovative applications - SAP HANA connects with existing applications using open standards and offers ways to build Web-based applications and applications based on micro services. It also has an integrated lifecycle management feature that helps in defining application structure and deploying them in your production environment.
  • Optimize data access – It offers functionalities that help you manage data virtualization and quality so that you can use data inside and outside of the organization with ease. Remote data synchronization feature can synchronize devices at distant locations and shorten response times across the enterprise.

Companies worldwide use SAP HANA – one of today’s most advanced data-processing platforms – to transform business and create value. We can help you transform your organization at ElementFive Solutions. You can also follow us on twitter @e5sol.