The Real Reasons Why Businesses Need to Address Mobility with Apps

19 August 2017

Nearly two-thirds of Americans now own smartphones, most of which are the main device used to access the internet. And 52% of smartphone owners check their phone a few times an hour - or more.

If these statistics surprise you, here is another: 10% of Americans do not have any form of internet access at home beyond their smartphones. These numbers apply not just to your customer base, but to your employees as well. You may already have a mobile-friendly website, and you may have even discussed building a dedicated app - but is your business truly and completely mobile?

Customers crave contact

Most business owners already see the need for front-facing mobility, and you have probably taken steps to address this issue. But if you're not using that mobility to directly interact with customers, you are missing a major opportunity to make the meaningful connections that result in repeat business.

Downloadable coupons, sale notifications, mobile-only deals, and loyalty programs are just a few of the ways you can stay on your customer's mind - not to mention that having your logo on your customer's phone is a great way to hit that effective frequency for becoming truly well-known to your base.

Your business should be as tech-savvy as your employees

Internal systems are often a pain point for businesses and their employees. They can be slow, they often don't communicate with each other, and chances are that data from years ago is not formatted the same way your data is formatted today. Mobile optimization neatly sidesteps all of these problems.

Apps are user-friendly and intuitive to a workforce that probably already does a significant portion of its internal communicating via smartphone. On the development end, mobile development solutions such as Capriza are application agnostic, which eliminates the need for costly software updates or replacements.

Your day-to-day operations can, and should, run as quickly and as smoothly as your employees' phones do.

Modernizing is easier than ever

The lightning pace of innovation has put pressure on companies to transform SAP and other systems to go mobile, a journey that can seem daunting, involving as it typically does years of amassed data, dollars spent, and customizations spread across multiple platforms. Today, however, solutions for simplifying and mobilizing workflows are easy to implement and require almost none of the upkeep that traditional business systems often entail.

Companies can adopt SAP modules with simple access from any device, requiring no training and no upgrades. What's more, once your top-to-bottom operations are mobile-accessible, that front-facing mobile app that you have been considering becomes a much less challenging proposition.

We have nearly a decade of mobility experience. Contact us today to learn how we can help your organization’s business apps become truly mobile.