Analytics- Better analytics, smarter decisions

The SAP BusinessObjects Analytics portfolio offers a simple yet comprehensive platform for business intelligence (BI), predictive analytics, enterprise performance management (EPM), and governance, risk, and compliance (GRC).

Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions

SAP solutions empower decision makers with easy access to the business intelligence (BI) they need to make faster, more informed decisions. With one suite for all insights, businesses can support a high standard for enterprise BI. As a result, organizations can boost their collective IQ by giving all users information that can help them become more effective in everything they do.

Business intelligence solutions from SAP help organizations make better decisions through:

  • Intuitive, self-service access to business information
  • Reliable and real-time business data for more informed and faster decision making

Predictive Analytics Solution

Accelerate your transformation to a digital enterprise with predictive analytics

Reimagine your business processes for the digital economy using a predictive factory-based approach and techniques to optimize resources and improve margins.SAP’s predictive analytics software can help you:

  • Accelerate decisions with automated predictive techniques and results
  • Deploy and manage thousands of predictive data sets and models cost effectively
  • Scale to mass adoption level by bringing insights where people interact – in processes and applications

Included Capabilities

Model Management

Build thousands of business processes powered by predictive insights using model management

Empower your business to optimize decisions and improve margins by deploying and embedding thousands of predictive data sets and models directly into business processes. SAP software with model management capabilities can help you:

  • Scale and maintain peak performance for every model and schedule updates as needed
  • Manage the predictive lifecycle – data preparation, model building, model evaluation, deployment, monitoring, and versioning with the required enterprise governance

Predictive Modeling

Create high-performance predictive models with automated techniques or by selecting your own algorithm

PUse automated techniques and create predictive models without code experience. Analysts and data scientists can get excellent results by simply configuring and fine-tuning parameters. Our predictive modeling software can help you:
  • Get great accuracy in most data situations
  • Gain easy access to a variety of algorithms
  • Use models created with programming languages such as R.

Predictive Data Management

Reduce the time needed to prepare and manage predictive data sets dramatically using just clicks

Accelerate the preparation of data sets that you can subsequently use in predictive analytics activities. Our predictive data management software can help you:

  • Join various data sets such as demographics, transactions, and services calls
  • Create meaningful predictive data sets that may include up to 15,000 variables
  • Increase the ability to derive more accurate, predictable results
  • Create hundreds of new attributes and aggregates without writing a single line of code


Reduce the cost and latency of applying models to new data through in-database scoring.

Apply models directly in databases and avoid time-consuming data movement and resulting costs. Use scoring capabilities available in SAP software:

  • Speed up scoring and apply predictive model instantly as events occur
  • Generate code for a variety of target databases
  • Embed accurate predictive results into business processes

Predictive Network and Link Analysis

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Solutions

Plan and simulate in the moment, be the engine of insight, and improve results with enterprise performance management

Increase revenue and profitability through the ability to better strategize and plan, analyze and optimize, and close and disclose with SAP software for enterprise performance management, also known as corporate performance management. Use our software to:

  • Improve financial planning and analysis and escape Excel proliferation
  • Drive profitability with fact-based decisions
  • Deliver a faster, more reliable close to disclose
  • Reduce cost and risk

Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Solutions

Navigate risk and manage controls and compliance confidently with governance, risk, and compliance solutions

Adapt quickly to changes in the economy, technology, and regulations to strengthen your business with software for governance, risk, and compliance (GRC). With our solutions, you can:

  • Simplify your approach to GRC by integrating and automating key GRC activities into existing processes
  • Reduce complexity and improve insight by visualizing and predicting how risk impacts performance
  • Protect your company's reputation and financial well-being by strengthening risk management practices