Life Sciences

Boost patient-centricity with SAP solutions for life sciences

Develop, manufacture, and distribute effective new therapies around the world – faster and more efficiently than ever before. SAP solutions for the life sciences industry leverage cutting-edge technology to help pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and other companies improve focus on the patient and caregiver – while enhancing global health in new and innovative ways.

Product Safety and Stewardship Network Solutions

Manage global product safety and compliance throughout the product lifecycle. Enforce compliance at each step of the product lifecycle with product safety and stewardship network solutions from SAP. Manage regulations and collect compliance information from customers and suppliers. Track registrations and substance volumes, classify products, and create safety data sheets. Label hazardous materials properly and package, transport, and store them safely. And achieve big results – like lower costs, improved product marketability, and greater supply chain continuity.

Compliant Manufacturing

Protect margins by keeping production processes compliant with SAP solutions for compliant manufacturing. Embed compliance with requirements for materials, drugs, medical devices, good manufacturing practices, environmental protection, and health and safety directly into product design and manufacturing. You increase operational efficiency in plants across your business functions and with your outsourcing partners. And you protect profits by reducing the cost of quality management.

Manufacturing and Batch Traceability Network

Business challenges:

  • Having complete traceability of your finished products throughout the product genealogy
  • Incomplete documentation showing how the finished goods were produced
  • Traceability of products across your complete in-house and extended network, including suppliers and contract manufacturers
  • Analyzing product issues related to withdrawal, holds, and recalls due to inconsistent data, including missing data or broken links
  • Mitigating financial, public health, and public perception risks associated with product issues and recalls

Track and report on product batches across SAP and non-SAP systems

The SAP Global Batch Traceability application provides a view on a cross-system product genealogy and its distribution. It reduces the time to insight into your product batch chain and enables rapid investigation and, when required, precision withdrawal and recall and timely regulatory reporting.